Grapevine Northshore
GIS Trail Map

The Northshore of Lake Grapevine has been a trail of many faces over the years. This is a longtime biking and hiking trail, but in a previous life, it has also housed equestrian and motorcycle trail riders. This trail is most likely the toughest trail in the metroplex, and it is this wonderfully difficult ride that attracts people to this location. Starting from Rockledge Park near the dam of Lake Grapevine, you will ride a trail that gets progressively difficult until the end. There are several rock gardens, that seem very fun on the way out, but being an out and back, you have to remember that what you go down, you just have to come back up later. The Northshore is a trail that will definitely test your skills, legs, and patience, but it is also a ride that will certainly give you a feeling of accomplishment and gratification, when you are finished.