Dinosaur Valley State Park GIS Trail Map

Dinosaur Valley State Park is located on the outskirts of Glen Rose, Texas, located within Somervell County, approximately 90 minutes southwest of downtown Dallas. The park has been made famous by the dinosaur footprints left in the bedrock of the Paluxy River, but what attracted us to this park is the miles of exciting mountain biking trails. There are some trails that are off limits to bikes, but the majority of the park is accessible to mountain biking. There does not seem to be a definite direction or main loop on the trail, but most riders tend to start on the eastern trailhead. The ride begins on the white trail and around the park through the red trails, while ending on a downhill return via either green or blue trails back to the parking lot. Be prepared for some long and strenuous hills. A few things that are certain, are that there are plenty of technical sections, the rocky landscape will beat on your body, and if you want to be the "King of this Mountain"...you will need to bring your Polka Dot Jersey, because this trail will make your legs and lungs scream!!!