Texas GIS Trail Maps

  1. Cedar Hill State Park
  2. Windmill Hill Preserve
  3. Boulder Park
  4. L.B. Houston Park
  5. Rowlett Creek Preserve
  6. Sister Grove Park
  7. Erwin Park
  8. Knob Hill Trail
  9. Grapevine Northshore
  10. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
  11. Franklin Mountains State Park
  12. Great Trinity Forest
  13. Sanson Park
  14. Dinosaur Valley State Park
  15. Tyler State Park

Update 11/13/06

The Texas Trails Network put together a terrific program with tons of trail information for cities, developers, and designers. All the trails conference pictures can be found at this link.

Update 10/05/06

The Texas Trails Network is having the 13th annual Texas statewide trails conference in the City of Grapevine. The conference is from November 2nd - 4th and it is being culminated by a FREE*FREE*FREE "Outdoor Trails Experience" located at Meadowmere Park on the south shore of Lake Grapevine. Gather with family and friends to participate and learn about many different trail user groups including hiking, biking, backpacking, kayaking, canoing, equestrian, GPS, wildflower planting and ATV groups. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in trails from many perspectives such as health, recreation, development, manangement and green community. Get all the information you need at Texas Trails Network.

Update 8/30/06

Tyler State Park is two hours east of Dallas. This park is centered on a small lake, and is in the piney forest of East Texas. The trail is a great ride with lots of climbing. The distances marked on this map and all maps on this website are approximate only. These distances are provided by a GPS unit and are not as accurate as bike computers, but it will give a general idea of the distance of the trail. Enjoy the trail!!!

Update 8/0506

Dinosaur Valley State Park is a favorite of many riders on the south side of town. This trail is similar to Cleburne State Park, as far as technical difficulty and feel of ride. This trail is under the care of FWMBA, and it is a very enjoyable workout with some great scenic overlook points. Be on the look out for Tyler State Park map coming soon!!!

Update 7/29/06

Fort Worth Mountain Biking Association is taking over the reigns at Sansom Park on Lake Worth, and they have added several new loops, effectively doubling the ride and difficulty.

Update 5/15/06

Sansom Park is in the beginning stages in Ft. Worth. CAMBA is building a trail on the steep slopes surrounding Lake Worth, and they liken it to Cameron Park, or at least potentially. When I rode this trail, there was approximately 2 miles of trail that had really nice views of Lake Worth and a few good climbs. Watch out for the glass surrounding the firepit on the top of the hill.

Update 5/5/06

Help Support Groundwork Dallas and the Great Trinity Forest!!!

Groundwork Dallas is hard at work creating new trails and rehabilitating existing trails in the Great Trinity Forest located in Southern Dallas. This is a non-profit organization that relies on help from volunteers. If you have downloaded the free maps on this website, and like them and use them, then give us a hand and help support the Great Trinity Forest. We are looking for donations to buy supplies for amenities such as new kiosks, tools, and supplies for parking lot improvements etc...

Let's show that mountain bikers support the work of Groundwork Dallas, and this will go a long way to help ensure that cyclists will have access to the miles and miles of trails to be added in the future.

To make a donation:

Contact Ron Kovatis at groundworkdallas@yahoo.com

or visit the website http://www.groundworkdallas.org

Update 2/9/06
Check out this game...



Update 1/19/06
Arbor Hills has been added to the website. A lot of people use this trail, but if you're not familiar with it, it's off Parker Road and Midway in Plano. Have fun!!

Update 1/16/06
SGI has recently had the pleasure of being involved with the non-profit organization Goundwork Dallas. This group of people is working hard to polish the vast area in South Dallas known as the Great Trinity Forest. This forest has tons of potential, and is a great resource for the City of Dallas. There are currently trails that enter various points of the forest, and there are plans for many more trails including connections to various key locations. This is a very neat place to visit, so go check it out!

Update 1/12/06
Detailed maps for the Northshore and Knob Hills are now posted. These maps are 11"x17" and have replaced the notecard sized maps.

Update 12/13/05
Grapevine Northshore is finished!! A lot of people have been asking when it will be mapped, and now it has. This trail is definitely a fun afternoon, and I had a blast riding and taking pictures out there. Enjoy!

Update 11/16/05
The first trail in Denton County has been added to the site. Knob Hills is a favorite for residents of Ft. Worth and surrounding cities, and plenty of other people around the area. This trail is maintained by DORBA, and more information can be found on their website, there is also a good deal of info on CAMBA's website, including some nice photos and other verbage on the trail.

Update 11/7/05
Texas Trails Network held their annual State Trails Conference in San Marcos, Texas, this weekend with special help from the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance. This conference was a great opportunity to see what other people around the state are doing in the way of trails systems. TTN held a wonderful conference and fun was had by all. This conference gave us insight into trails such as hiking, walking, road biking, canoeing, waterway, equestrian and motorized vehicles, to name a few. If you haven't checked out their website, they are compiling a listing of approximately 600 trails around the state which continues to grow every day. If you have a trail that you would like to see on this website, you can add it to their registry, and continue to help other users find places where they can enjoy the outdoors. A special thanks goes out to TTN for providing a place where we were able to showcase our unique trail mapping project, and with time, we will be able to expand our database of trail maps across the state. Special thanks to Bud and Annie Melton with TTN, Bowman-Melton Associates, and the Texas Bicycle Coalition, for their hospitality over the weekend.

Update - 10/17/05
SGI has launched our newly formatted website to better handle the growing number of trail maps. The elevation map above shows some of the differences in elevation across our local area. This will be the area where we will concentrate our mapping efforts, but don't be surprised if a map such as Franklin Mountains State Park, that is outside of our local area pops up. I hope everyone will enjoy the maps as much as I have enjoyed making them!

Michael Salcedo

Update - 10/5/05
SGI is pleased to announce that we will be presenting our GIS trail mapping project at the Texas Trails Network - State Trails Conference in San Marcos, Texas, on the weekend of Nov. 4, 5 and 6th. Feel free to stop by and visit with us as we talk about this exciting project utilizing GIS technology.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) trail mapping project currently under development by SGI, and in conjunction with DORBA (Dallas Off Road Biking Association) began in the Summer of 2005. SGI is pleased to be associated with a group such as DORBA, who has worked hard to develop and maintain superior biking and hiking trails within the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Area. SGI began this prototype GIS project, to further push the boundaries of our knowledge in GIS and GPS mapping. This project will be growing in size to develop high quality GIS trail maps for all the DORBA trails in the metroplex, as we continue to expand the possibilities of this innovative technology.

For information about this GIS trail mapping project, please direct questions to:

Michael Salcedo
GIS Specialist


(214) 941-8610

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